Here we will attempt to answer your "Frequently Asked Questions". If you don't see an answer for your question below please email or give us a call.

Q: What are the various choices of finishes on the metal?

A: There are a large choice of finishes available. Some of the options are powder coating in various colours, oil-based enamel paint, natural iron oxide patina, and more.


Q: Can you make what I'm looking for if I haven't seen it on your website?

A: In most cases, YES. We are flexible and can accommodate your needs when it comes to custom design.


Q: I would like you to build me an art gate for my driveway. What is the basic information that you need for such a project?

A: We need to know what the desired opening is, basically the distance from one post to another across the driveway. We generally recommend you lay a concrete foundation for each post with an anchored 1sq.ft steel plate that the post will be welded to. From there of course we need to know what sort of a design you are interested in.


Q: I have seen a nice looking piece somewhere else. Can you build something from a picture?

A: In most cases, YES.


Q: How long will one of your art gates last?

A: The natural iron oxide patina finish combined with heavy plate weathering steel will last for generations.


Q: Is there any maintenance that I need to take care of with an art gate?

A: Generally, the only maintenance that needs to be done every few months is to put a little bit of grease on the hinges.


Q: For a gate installation, do you need to see my property?

A: Usually not. A picture is worth a thousand words. All we need to know is the width of the gate opening between your posts. If we supply steel H-beam posts you can have a local welder install the gate for you and weld our posts to the steel plates of your foundation which you or your contractor can build.


Q: The ground on my property where I'd like to put a gate is fairly soft. Can I still install one of your art gates?

A: In most cases, YES. Your contractor can answer your questions with regards to building the proper cement foundation for the gate. In this case we recommend that the footings for each post be connected with a cement footing under your driveway. This prevents the post footings from possibly leaning inward towards each other due to the gate's weight. The size of the post footings will also increase for stability.


Q: Can you add a small gate for a walkway beside the driveway gate to match the art gate?



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